Collagen Wave

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Radiofrequency is an effective way of long term nonsurgical facial skin tightening. The treatment can also be effective on small areas of the body. It requires no time off and can be combined with numerous other modalities of skin rejuvenation. It rests on the principle of modification of deeper skin layers through heat which is delivered across the skin without damaging the skin surface.

It can be used for eyebrow lifting and tightening the jowls, face, neck and skin under the eyes. Immediate mild improvements can be seen but results tend to improve with each subsequent treatment and continue to improve for up to 6 months post treatment.

Treatment is carried out using a machine with a probe which the operator gently slides around the face delivering radiofrequency energy into the skin. Treatment may be slightly uncomfortable but never painful and lasts up to an hour per treatment. Maintenance of a single treatment every 18 months is recommended.